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She was screaming with agony and pleasure

One day I was alone at home seeing sexy movies, so my cock was hard. My cousin’s friend came to the door. She is a slim, fair, perfect, sexy girls in Prague. She was wearing black velvet jeans and top and was looking very sexy. I asked her to come in and as soon as she entered I pushed her to the corner of door and kissed her. I started to roll my hands over her slim sexy body. I noticed that she was liking that. I took her to my bed and by that time she became horny. She pulled me to the bed and started taking off my clothes. I did the same with her and I removed her top, bra, jeans, and panties. Then I kissed her whole body and I was so turned on. She started to suck my cock, and I her pussy. After 30 min of oral sex I stared to put my 6” penis in her tight pussy. She was screaming with agony and pleasure. She requested me to fuck harder and harder and my balls was hitting her pussy. After one night of this kind of pleasure dressed and ended our sex for that day. Whenever I or she was alone we would do sex and only sex. We kiss and play with each other in my room 2-5 times daily.

I had a girl friend for the last 4 years. She is looking very sexy and beautiful. Whenever I saw her, my cock needed to fuck her. But I just control myself. One day I got that beautiful chance. We went to a party in beach. The party ends in late night. She doesn’t go to her home, because her home is very long from the beach. My house is closer to the beach. So she went to my house. Both we are too hot. We went to my bedroom. She hugged me. I’m just disappointed and I just take her and put her on my bed. She have bigger boobs. I just suck her boobs and fuck her pink. She was very happy with my job. We do that for every week nowadays.